Vintage Antique glass Bottle Decanter RARE Chinese damask


A very rare decanter, I did not find a stamp. No defects (see photo). An incredibly beautiful item. Height (without plug) – 21.5 cm. Volume 1.1 l. Antique 3-sided bottle in copper braid with the theme “Birds”. During the period of “Soviet-Chinese” friendship (1950s), in such bottles, rice vodka was supplied to the Union from… Continue Reading

Rare Antique Ships Decanter With Matching Bubble Stopper


The rings at the neck are to ensure a good grip on the bottle as you pour. This example has a unique bubble in the stopper. It has a number that matches the bottle, so they were born together. The bottom has a polished pontil, hand blown, so unique in all the world. The condition… Continue Reading

Antique Vintage Amber Bohemian Glass Cut To Clear And Frosted Decanter


Antique Vintage Amber Bohemian Glass Cut To Clear And Frosted Decanter. Beautiful antique vintage bohemian glass decanter. Amber in color with a thumb print cut to clear design. Frosted and etched grapes, leaves and vines encircle the middle of the decanter. Square cuts encircle the base and elongated cuts decorate the neck. The stopper matches… Continue Reading